Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shania's BOB scribepost - October 13, 2009

The 3 things i know about graphing

Types of graphs and their advantages :

  • Bar graph - Best used for comparing data

  • Double bar graph - Best used to compare 2 types of data to eachother over time

  • Line graphs - Best used to view changes over time

  • Double line graph - Best used to compare 2 types of data over time

  • Circle graph - Best used to compare percentage

  • Picto graph - Best used for comparing data using pictures

Misrepresenting the data :

  • Distorting scale - By using a break in the y-axis, you can make the y-axis shorter and it can make the graph look like it hasn't increased as much as a graph with no break.
  • Distorting the size of bars - When you have a bar graph, you can make a bar wider than the others so it sticks out more, and makes it look like it is more than the other bars.
  • Distorting the visuals - With a picto graph, you can make the lowest amount of data seems more than it really is, to do that you have to make the picture bigger than the rest of the pictures on the graph. Which makes it look more important than the other data.

What i should know to improve my test

In the second graph I chose to make the sum 7 stand out by colouring it a very different colour than the rest of the data. But to make it stand out more I could of widened the bar to make it stand out just a bit more. Another way I can improve my test is to predict what and describe the graph more.

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kimberly.covey said...

Hello, I'm from the University of Regina and I'm just checking out the blogs.

It's pretty cool what you guys have going on here in this blog. It seems to be very organized and it would be pretty handy to check out your notes all neat and tidy on the internet. As a student, my notes are a little on the messy side.


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