Monday, October 12, 2009

Charis' scribepost for October 12, 2009

Red Question :

Question:What would be different if you changed the container?

Answer: The difference is that if the container is small i cant put
a lot of coins in because it depends about the height and width .

Purple Question :

if you share the money with 10 people how much does everyone get?

Answer: there is 100 dollars in the jar . if i share it with 10 people , everyone get 10 dollars because 100/10 = 10 .

How High are the stacks of coin?

1cent =2mm
2mm x 50 =100mm

5cents =3mm
3mm x 40 =120mm

10cents =1mm
1mm x 50 =50mm

25cents =2mm
2mm x 40 =80mm

1dollar =3mm
3mm x 25 =75mm

2dollars =3mm
3mm x 25 =75mm

How full is the jar using Canadian coin?

the height is going to be still the same if we use Canadian coins to fill up the jar because Canadian coins are the same size as American coins .

if i did something wrong or did the question wrong , please comment . thanks (:

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