Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michelle's BOB2 Ratio for October 25, 2009

1. Some of the mistakes I made on my test:

On one of the questions I wasn't sure if I should answer it in lowest terms. It didn't say to, so I just put 2:4. Next time I will remember, that the best answer is in lowest terms if there is a choice for it.

The question with 84 students, and finding out the percent, I got mixed up there. I didn't know how to get the percent. But some how on the calculator I ended up pressing numbers to find out the "percent." Since it said to round to one decimal place, I thought I had gotten the right number because I could round18. 4444 etc ( or something like that.) I know now that when you want to find the percent you can just compare the fractions, then divide the fraction to get the decimal.

Also in another question where you had to compare which two teams had the same amount of wins and lost, I didn't show my work because it didn't say to, or I forgot that the teacher said showing your work will give you the marks. I just put 5:4 and a sentence saying they were equivalent to each other. For the next text, I will try to show my work so I can earn those marks.

The questions that gave me difficulty were :

In a group of 84 students surveyed, the ratio of student preference is 7 oatmeal eaters to 4 granola eaters to 3 toasted O eaters. Of the 84 students, how many prefer oatmeal and how many preferred granola?
I got this question right, but in order for you to answer the question, you had to find what number THAT will get you to 84 if you times THAT number by all the " different eaters." Then add it up, and it should give you 84.

A stable has 39 passengers on it as it starts its run. At the first stop 12 passengers get off and 18 passengers get on. What is the ratio of the number of passengers who were on the train when it left the first station? Express your answer in lowest terms.
a) 2:3 b) 13:15 c) 18:12 d) 27:39
This question was hard for me, because the way they put the question got me very confused. I had to read it over and over until I finally found an answer that was on one of the choices. ( I got it right. ) I had to add and subtract numbers, then eventually I had divide to find the lowest terms.

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