Sunday, October 18, 2009

Michelle's Scribepost for October 18, 2009

Question # 16

16. A) Write the ratio of the length A' B' compared to the length of A B.

A' B' = 1.5 inches long.
A B = 3 inches long.
The second triangle is half (1/2) the size of the first triangle. When I compared both of the triangles the ratio would be 1:2 since the original was 1/2 the size of the reduction.

B) Write the ratio of the length A' C' compared to the length of A C.

A' C' = 1.5 inches long.
A C = 3 inches long.
The ratio is 1:2 , because on both sides of one triangle they were the same measurement. therefor it is the same answer as the first question.

C) Use your knowledge of ratio and percent to explain the meaning of 50% reduction.

1:2 , 1/2 , 50 % mean the same thing. When I compared both triangles, the original triangle length was half longer than the reduction triangle. So 50 % reduction means its half the size of what its original length was.

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Harvey841 said...

I understood what you said. And it was very neat.


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