Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Giuseppe's scribepost for oct 6 09 BOB

3 things I know about graphing is:

There are lots of kinds of different graphs.

Bar Graphs- best for comparing things
Double Bar Graphs- best for comparing 2 things over time
Line Graphs- best for showing changes over time
Double Line- best for showing 2 data over time
Circle Graph- best for comparing things using percents
Picto Graph- best for comparing data using pictures

Misrepresenting the data.

Distorting the scale- make some scales wider or slimmer.
Putting breaks and changing the intervals- it makes the data look closer or farther away from each other.
Changing the colour of the bars- makes people pay attention to that part.


Bar Graph- if the intervals are high, you won't know the excact data.
Line Graph- people don't really pay much attention to it because it's just a dot and doesn't have lots of area.
Circle Graph- you have to do more work to find the percentages of the datas.
Picto Graph- it's not precise. Because you don't really know how much is a half picture

What I know now that would improve my test.

I could've put a title for the graph. I could've also put my organized sums into a table. Another thing I missed is I didn't explain my paragraph good, and I didn't predict. I also forgot to color it.


emmanuel841 said...

Wow, you put lots of great information into this scribe post. This information helped me alot with my scribe post (: thank you

Emmanuel ;)

elijah841 said...

Hey Giuseppe, you have a lot of information to your scribe.

One thing though,"Double Bar Graphs- best for comparing 2 things over time"

^ seems more lik a Double line graph.. But I get what you're saying.

Good job !

princess841 said...

nice job ! yea i was looking at yours too, when i was making my scribe it really helped me. yea and like elijah said i think it was more of a double line graph.

Mr Montgomery said...


Its Mr Montgomery from Australia here.

I am very impressed with the quality of your blog posts.

They are a great model for my year 8s


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