Monday, October 12, 2009

Kamille's ScribePost For October 12th, 2009

Our Assignment that we had for homework was to do two questions of your choice for a purple and a either red or blue.

For the purple question that i have answered is ...

If you share th
e money with 10 people, How much does everyone get?

Well since there is $100 dollars in the jar. Everyone would get $ 10 dollars each because 100/10= 10 so each person would get 10 dollars each.

For the blue or red question that i have answered is ...

What would be different if you changed the container?

Well here is the photograph that the $100 was originally in.

and now here is a different jar. As you can see this jar is too small for all of those coins to fit in.

So the differences would be this container is smaller so it has less space to put the coins in and the original container is clearly bigger than this one.

So if you changed the container the appearance is one and the others would be the height, length, weight, size (diameter, and etc. )


How full is the jar using Canadian coins ??
Well, we know that the jar is filled up about 3/4 of the jar with American coins. The American coins in the jar total up to 1350 coins. And we know that in Canadian Coins it adds up to 370 coins but if we added the loonies and toonies in it would be different even more than it already is. Well since 1350 coins is more than 370 coins by about 4 times and since the jar was filled up 75 %. I divided 75 with 4 and I got 18.75 %. So it would be 1/5 of the jar in Canadian coins because if you estimate it with the closes number which is 20%.

How high are the stacks of the coins ??

The height of a penny ( 1 cent ) is 2mm
So you have to multiply 50 pennies x 2mm which is the height of one cent.
50 x 2 mm = 100 mm

The height of the nickel ( 5 cents ) is 3 mm
So you have to do the same thing you did to the pennies which is multiply 40 nickels x 3mm is 60 mm

The height of one dime ( 10 cents ) is 1mm
So it is 50 x 1 mm = 50 mm

The height of the quarter (25 cents ) is 2 mm
You have to do the same thing as you did to everything before which was ..
40 x 2 mm = 80 mm

The height of a loony ( $ 1.00 dollars ) is 3 mm
25 x 3 mm = 75 mm

The height of a toonie ( $ 2.00 dollars ) is 3 mm
25 x 3 mm = 75 mm

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