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Coin Math

My RED Question:

If this was on a bar graph, which coin would show up the most, and which coin would show up the least.

Well, since there is $100 total in the jar, the coin that would be in the jar the least would be quarters, and the most would be pennies. Here is why:

Basically, my picture is representing how many coins would be in the stack, and it says that there would be 500 pennies, 400 nickels, 250 dimes, and 200 quarters.

*picture is small because i couldn't expand it*

My PURPLE question is:

How many pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters are in the jar?

Well my answer is simple. Here is that information in a chart:

| Coin | Rolls | Coins in Roll | Total coins |
| Penny | 10 | 50 | 500 |
| | | | |
| Nickel | 10 | 40 | 400 |
| | | | |
| Dime | 5 | 50 | 250 |
| | | | |
| Quarter | 5 | 40 | 200 |

And that is my Blogger made graph on how many of each coin is in the Jar.

PART 2!!

Could you fill the jar up with $100 American and $100 Canadian? Why?

YES!! You can fill up the jar with both $100 American and Canadian, because if you use only loonies and quarters, the coins with the most value, it would take up less space than using a bunch of other coins.

It's true, because a roll of loonies has 25, which equals $25. So if you multiply that by 4, you get $100 Canadian. Then, one roll of quarters has 8 in each roll. Which is $2. So if you multiply that by 50, you get your $100 American. So now you have put in 100 loonies, and 400 quarters. Doing that, you've filled up the jar with $200 American and Canadian, only putting 500 coins in.

How much of the jar is filled up with Canadian Coins?

1/5 of the jar would be filled up with Canadian coins, because 100 of the coins are Canadian, and the other 4/5 of the jar is American quarters.



emmanuel841 said...

Uhm sorry my "chart" is very messed up, because i didn't use paint or anything, i used blogger and just the signs. But trust me, it was a very nice chart ;) you would've liked it mr.harbeck

kevin 8-16 said...

Hey eman , I liked your table ! ;)



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