Monday, October 5, 2009

Aldrine's Scribepost For October 5, 2009

Mr.Bache and Mr.Harbeck's question why is 4/4 the same as 4÷4 ?

My opinion is both answers are the same. 4/4 + 4/4=2 and 4÷4 + 4÷4 =2 is the same because, this sign "/" is the same as ÷. This is the real division sign ÷ , but some people use this "/" for fraction . they are the same but different symbols. If you are using fraction its better to use "/" sign because that sign is usually for fractions. ÷ this sign is usually only for dividing.

1 comment:

JOSE841 said...

Good job yo, LOL, i wonder where you got your answer from.. Just kidding bro HHAHA, nice colours, and nice job explaining your answer.



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