Monday, October 5, 2009

Elijah's Scribe Post for October 5 2009

Four 4's
Today's class Mr. Harbeck and Mr.Bache told us to answer,
"Why is 4/4+4/4=2 and 4÷4+4÷4=2 the same ?"

4/4 + 4/4 =2 and 4÷4 + 4÷4=2 is the same because, this sign "/" is just another way of saying this sign "÷" . Like in some calulators they put the division sign as "/" instead of "÷". But the most common way to write the division symbol is "÷".

Another answer is that just because, 4/4 ( four over four ) is a fraction, it just means that, you're dividing it. So 4/4 in other words 1 whole. For division signs 4÷4= 1.

So they are both the same but it just has different symbols.

1 comment:

Harvey841 said...

The question really stands out, Elijah. And, you also made two answers. Good Job.


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