Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sierra's BOB

3 things I now know about graphing-
  • Every graph needs to have a y and x axis, or it really isn't a graph.

  • You can misrepresent the data.

    For example
    , you can distort the size of the bar in
    the bar graph, by making it wider.

    You can also
    add a break in the y-axis so you can change the interval. For example, you can first go up by 4's, but you want to start with the number one, you put in the break and after the break, you have to make sure you ALWAYS go up by 4's afterwards.

  • There's 6 types of graphs. They are circle graph, line graph, bar graph, double bar graph, double line graph, and pictograph.

If I had a chance to re do my test, what would I do differently?
I would actually ORGANIZE my data on the same page, not in my binder, also I would try predicting in my conclusions more to make them more accurate.

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elijah841 said...

Good job Sierra ! you had, colours, really great information and nice pictures..

For the "Every graph needs to have a y and x axis, or it really isn't a graph. "

Not every graphs need a y and x axis, moe like a bar graph and line graph. because, cicle graphs and pictographs doesn't he a y andx axis.


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