Friday, November 13, 2009

How I saved the world using Proportion

One day, I was with my friends, Kathleen, Elijah, and Michelle, and we came across the playground, everything was normal... except, there were a huge group if aliens around the slides. These said that they will invade and vaporize our planet. We were freaking out, then they included that they will not invade and vaporize our planet unless we do 3 proportion questions, and answering them all correct. We agreed to try.

The first alien said ''Deila was paid $35 for 5 hours oh babysitting. How much should she receive for 3 hours? Use a unit rate to find the answer." right away, Elijah answered "Delia would receive $21 in 3 hours. Delia gets paid $7/hour." The aliens looked at each other in surprise, wondering how she got the answer so fast. They thought she was some kind of robot, so they told Michelle to answer the next question.

"David saw a log into three pieces in 7 minutes. If he
continues sawing at a constant rate, how long would it take him to saw a smaller log into 6 pieces?" asked the alien. Michelle answered "It will take him 14 minutes." The alien asked "show your work" and handed her a piece of paper. Michelle explained the steps correctly. The alien was shocked.

The Alien asked one more
question, he said in "A gardener takes a half hour to mow and weed a lawn that measures 20m by 15m. He charges $25 per hour. How much would the gardener receive for a lawn that measures 40m by 30m?" Kathleen answered "the gardener would receive $50." Shortly after we got the questions correct, the aliens quickly vanished in shame.

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