Wednesday, September 30, 2009

vanessa's scribe post for September 30, 2009

heeey everyone . The homework today is question 6 or 7, 8 or 9, 10-13 and 14-19. For questions 14-19 only choose 4 questions to do. Here's question 14.

Question 14
Two grade 8 classes collected cans for the food drive. Ms. Chan's class brought in 100 cans. Mr. Rajwani's class brought in 200 cans. Luke made this graph to display the results.
A) How is this graph misleading?
B) Based on the graph, what can you conclude about the canned drive?
C) Draw a different graph that is not misleading.

A) This graph is misleading because the picture only shows 6 cans in each box which doesn't really show any information.
B) At the end of this graph its pretty much saying that Mr. Kajwani's class brought in 100 more cans for the can drive.


Well that's my scribe post for today. Hope you like it. Comment lots. byeeee :D


elijah841 said...

Hey good job vanessa ! it's really neat and nice.
just put the fonts bigger next time, so its easier to read for some ppl very nice graph !

john841 said...

Good job

Harvey841 said...

Nice, Vanessa. You should probably make the last picture smaller a little bit though. And add more labels.

carla841 said...

great job vanessa the pictures are big and everything is easy to understand.

Kamille841 said...

Hey Vanessa, good job ! Everything was clear to understand but a little small for some people so might make it bigger next time and like Harvey said add labels because i had trouble with that as well.

princess841 said...

good job vanessa but i noticed that your intervals in your bar graph are not the same it goes like 50, 100, 200 then 250. so yea maybe you can fix that .

sierra841 said...

Good job vanessa. whoot whoot [:
For your graph to C, I couldn't see the labels clear. Next time, make it bigger! [: Otherwise, wonderful joooob!

vanessa 8-41 said...

hahha . thanks for commenting everyone. Hopefully this is better now, if not ill try to do my best to fix it when i have the time. well hahah . thanks for your help.


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