Monday, September 28, 2009

Kathleen's Scribepost for September 28th


Key Words :

1) . distorting the scale.

2). distorting the information by using visuals of different sizes .

3). making the numbers look bigger , makes it looks like its more important .


Nancy Devine said...

Now I'm starting to think about if I've been duped by data.

Kamille8-41 said...

Good job Kathleen i really like how you did you pictures and how you made colours and stuff. Really good job. :)

Jo said...

Kathleen, I like your examples of misrepresenting data. It is one of the ways that organisations often try to influence people. I am reading your post from Western Australia.

Jo Hart

Mr Montgomery said...

Hi Kathleen

Mr Montgomery here. I teach maths to kids your age in Perth Western Australia.

Thanks for taking the time to write in your blog. I'm sure Mr Harbeck appreciates it.

These are good examples. It would be even better if you could describe in your own words how each example misrepresents the data

vanessa 841 said...

Good job Kathleen ! I like how your scribe turned out. The only thing wrong with it is the pictures. I think they are a little too small, but other then that you did well.

elijah841 said...

Good job Kathleen ! Love the post, but put some more words for the definition thing, so it's easier to understand and makes you look smarter.

carla841 said...

great job kathleen, it's very easy to understand. also you should make the pictures a little bigger.

kathleen841 said...

thanks everyone who commented !
and i'll try to change my errors next time :)

sierra841 said...

Good job. I like how much pictures you posted. If you wanted to make it perfect, you could have labeled your circle graph. Good job though.


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