Wednesday, September 30, 2009

charis' scribepost for september 30

Question 13.

The two circle graphs are meant to represent the same information. Does it appear that way ? explain.

A) No, the two circle graphs are have the same information but graph A isnt showing the correct information.

B) Identify the errors in graph A .

B) graph A shows that D=35% when its really showing 50% and its also showing that C=25% when really its less than that.


elijah841 said...

Hey Charis , good job for your scribe thing ! uhm, you forgot to put the question for B . nice picture really big and see-able. ;D

john841 said...

Good job

Harvey841 said...

You should put the questions in, Charis. But other than that nice use of colors and the picture is big enough.

charis841 said...

you guys , i did do question B .

carla841 said...

good job charis, next time you should put in the questions. but other than that good job :)

charis841 said...

carla , i did put the questions .. its the purple one .

Kamille841 said...

Charis good job but what they are trying to say is that yes you do have the answers but they are not the questions.. so you might want to look back and add the questions with the answers. Nicely done with the big understandable picture though.

kathleen841 said...

nice one charis ! i like how its all organized but you should have put more pictures and the question too :)

sierra841 said...

Good job. But, one thing, I don't see the question for B! Nice colour. Also, if you can make the photo less pixel-ized, so I can read the data on the graph. Good job though!


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