Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Carla's Scribepost for September 30, 2009

Question #12

a) Explain how this graph could be misleading.
It's misleading because it the y-axis goes up by 100. Maybe it should go up by 50.

b) Based on the graph. What can you conclude about the outcome of voting?
Candidate B is winning the election.

c) Does the data support the claim made
in the title? If not, reword it to correct
the misinformation.
No votes were divided equally, they should make the title Voting Results.


vanessa 841 said...

good job on the post Carla ! The picture was a good touch and you cant miss it. for question A your answer didnt really make sense. you put "its misleading because it the y-axis jumps all the way to 100. maybe it should go up by 50." you shouldve put this graph can be misleading because the intervals are going up by 100's. For question B i think you have the wrong answer. i think candidate A is losing so far. Well other than that great post !

carla841 said...

thank you vanessa, i'll fix it asap.

john841 said...

good job

carla841 said...


sierra841 said...

Good use of colour & Good job in explaining!

carla841 said...

thank you


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