Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Norbert's Scribe Post for Sept 30, 2009

Page 25,

Question #10

a) Explain how this graph is misleading.

The y-axis has a break between 0 and 200.

b)From the graph using a vertical scale from o to 600. What conclusion can now make about the profits from January to June.

The Profits seem to be 4 times as high in June as they were in January.

c)Draw a new graph using a vertical scale from 0 to 600. What conclusion can you now make about th
e profits from January to June.

profits are 2 1/2 times higher in June as they were in January.

Thanks for looking at my scribe please comment



Harvey841 said...

Norbert, you don't need very big font. :P

Also, don't use yellow and use 'please' instead of 'pls' okay?

Norbert841 said...


Ur so mean -_-

carla841 said...

good job norbert, your scribepost is easy to read. also nice use of color.

charis841 said...

good job norbert , this is easy to read .

kathleen841 said...

good job norbert ! your post is very neat and easy to read .

sierra841 said...

When I first see this blog, I see your name at the bottom first. Please make the questions or picture stand out more instead of your name. Also, don't use the colour yellow! It makes it hard to read. But, good picture. Nice explanations. Good job!

john841 said...


Norbert841 said...

I'll fix it.

vanessa 841 said...

good job Norbert. I agree with Sierra, your name was a little too big. Should make the questions and answers stand out more. Matbe by bolding or underlining would help. Also you should use one colour for questions and one colour for answers. Your pictures were great and very noticable. Well good job.


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