Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aldrine's Scribe post september 30,2009

This is my scribe for question #6

6.From the pictograph, which fruit seems to sell the best? Explain

A)First look, the apples seem to have sold more because it pops out more.

Does it seem that more cherries were sold or more peaches? Explain.

B)It seems more peaches were sold because they are whole and larger pictures

How should the pictograph be redrawn to represent the date more accurately?

C)The pictograph should be drawn with all the pictures the same size.


elijah841 said...

Good job aldrine ! nicely done ! you've had coulours, easy to read, and nice picture. Good job !

Kamille841 said...

Hey Aldrine, good job ! very thing seemed easy to read and good colour choices but i would suggest on a little bigger picture because it seems too squished together.

Riemer841 said...

Great job Aldrine . ! I like the colours and you put the important things in a bigger font. I like !

kathleen841 said...

nice job aldrine ! you put all the inforamtion in and you put some colours too :)

sierra841 said...

MAKE THE PICTURE BIGGER.. if you can. Because, I can't really see the data on it clearly. The answers shouldn't be lettered A B or C, the questions should. Good job though Aldrine! [:

vanessa 841 said...

good job Aldrine ! I agree, you shouldve made the picture a little more bigger, but just enough so people can tell what the data is showing. I also agree with Sierra, you shouldnt label the answers A, B or C because its really confusing. For answer A because you put what you thought the answer was you should also put the right answer. Also you should re-word your answer for B because it doesnt really make sense. For answer C, you shouldve made a pictograph and posted it on your scribe so other people can actually copy it into their notebook if they hadnt done so already. Well anyways good job !


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