Monday, September 28, 2009

Michelle's scribepost for September 29, 2009


a ) Sophie surveyed her friends about their favorite flavor of ice cream. What information is missing on the graph?

The information missing on the graph is the total of people there are, and also the number of ice creams.

b) How could you present this data more accurately ?

The number of people interviewed isn't displayed anywhere in this graph. For the graph to be accurate you need to know how many people were interviewed.

( Sorry if the lettering might turn out big or anything.)


Kamille8-41 said...

Good job Michelle ! Nice use of colours but to make it better you could of added a video or more picture to make it stand out more.

mrmont said...

Hi Michelle

Mr Montgomery here. I teach maths to kids your age in Perth Western Australia.

Thanks for taking the time to write in your blog. I'm sure Mr Harbeck appreciates it.

Would you consider a different type of graph for better accuracy?

elijah841 said...

Good job Michelle ! Pretty looking post. ;)

michelle841 said...

- kamille thanks (:
-mr. montgomery i used that graph because that was the picture in the text book for that question
- thanks elijah :)

carla841 said...

great job michelle, i like your your post, very colorfull.

emmanuel841 said...

greeeat job michelle. I liked you use of colours, and i loved your picture.

sierra841 said...

Make the picture more clear, I can barely read the numbers, or maybe I just have bad eye sight :l Anyways, nice use in colours. Good job xD

michelle841 said...

- thanks carla
- thanks eman (: , you loved my pictures ?
- sierra,i couldnt make the picture clearer .. cause on my computer the site doesnt work so yeah i had someone printscreen for me. .then i zoomed in then printscreen again so yeah :S


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