Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Giuseppe's Scribepost Question 8 for Sept 30

8.The graph shows the progress of friends who are playing a video game.

a) Explain how this graph could be misleading.

This graph could be misleading because it has a broken Y axis and the bars don't have the same width.

b) What conclusion does the graph suggest about Scott's progress compared with Bryce's progress?

The graph says that Scott's quest progress appears to to be twice as much as Bryce's.

c) Describe how to redraw the graph to represent the data more accurately.

Fix the break (start with 0) and make the bars widths equal.


giuseppe841 said...

sorry guys if I didn't put any pictures. I can't access to the textbook online.

carla841 said...

great job giuseppe, its easy to read, and yeah you should put pictures.

Riemer841 said...

goood job guiseppe. i like the colours green and black. i give props to you . !

sierra841 said...

If you couldn't get access to texbook online, you could just make a graph on paint with the information. Good use in font and in colour also. Your answer to C, you put start with 0.. but you never said how much you'll be going up by.

sierra841 said...

BUUUUT. good job. [:


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