Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Devin's scribepost september.30,2009 question 11

11.Charles kept a record of his math quiz scores for this term.
a) He wants to make a distorted graph that will show a great improvement in his quiz.Draw such a graph.
Answer:i chose a bar graph.
b)Draw a new graph that diplays the data accurately.
Answer: i chose a line graph.
c)how are the graphs different?
Answer:the line graph is more accurate at overtime graphs
while the bar graph is good at sorting multiple


sierra841 said...

Not trying to look like some grammer and punctuation freak, but your blog will look more professional if after periods, you'll add a space and usually add a capital for starting any sentence.

& also, make the questions stand out more. it looks like a rainbow. next time, use LESS colour.

Kamille841 said...

I totally argee with Sierra and for your answers you might want to have those graphs as a picture so it would be more clear and understandable.

elijah841 said...

You should use some periods and capitals. You have to make a bargraph and a linegraph on your answers, so it looks better and it shows your work more.

michelle841 said...

you should try to make things stand out, and if your gonna use lots of colors like that you should space your work out more cause you know, theres lots of room ?

vanessa 841 said...

good scribe Devin . I know we're girls and all and we expect our work to be as neat and understandable as possible. All im saying is that you should've used one colour for questions and one colour for answers. Also your questions and answers should line up straight and also you shouldnt have the picture in the position you put it in because it makes the font look weird. well yeah at least you put something there . better than nothing at all.


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