Saturday, September 26, 2009

Question #9

The graphs show the categories of books that were signed out from a library over a year.

A) Estimate how many times more popular science fiction books are than history books.

Answer: About 3% of science fiction books are more popular than history books.

B) Which graph helped you answer part a)? Why did you choose this graph ?

Answer: I chose the circle graph because it was easier to do the percentage because the circle graph gave me easier information.

C)Which category of book has approximately the same number of sign outs as history and sports books together ? Show your thinking.

Answer: Mystery has approximately the same number of sign outs as history and sports together because if you add the history and sports percent you would get the mysteries percent which is 23%.

D) Which graph helped you answer part c)? Why did you choose this graph?

Answer: I chose the circle graph because it gave me the percentage and answer easier than the bar graph.

E) The library has $12 000 to spend on books based on their popularity. How much money should be spent for each category? Show your work.

Answer: What I did was the easy way. All i did was I divided $12 000 by 5 ( because there is 5 categories

) which got me $2 400. So $2 400 should be spent evenly on each category evenly.

F) Which graph did you use to answer part e)? Why did you choose this graph?

Answer: I used the pie chart. I chose this graph because it shows me the percentage of the popularity of each category so i know how much money will be needed.

ex. $12 000 X 34% = 408 000 ÷ 100 = $4080 ( science fiction )


Mr Montgomery said...

Hi Jeric

Mr Montgomery here. I teach maths to kids your age in Perth Western Australia.

Thanks for taking the time to write in your blog. I'm sure Mr Harbeck appreciates it.

Hmm.. I think you need to give more thought to

1. your first answer and to your first question

2. the way you would divide up the money.

vanessa 841 said...

Good job Jeric ! I like your use of colour and the picture was a great touch. I noticed that you didn't really make sense on question C. you put "Which category of book" when it should be "Which book category". Also for the answer for question E you skipped a line and didn't really show how exactly you did it. I know some people can do this mentally but maybe other people can't. Just saying... Ohh one more thing, you might want to change your font because some of the numbers are kinda off. hahah well anyways great scribe post !

giuseppe841 said...

Whohohoho goodjob Jeric! That's a really long scribepost and yet it was really good. Use another color nextime 'coz red hurts my eyes. But that's fine. Good job pare

elijah841 said...

Good job Jeric ! Nice scribe post, uhm, you first of all instead of the title " Question 9" put " Jeric's Scribe post for September something" Second you had some grammar mistakes. Third, change the font to somehting bigger so it looks better.

carla841 said...

great job jeric, you had some mistakes there and you should space out the math equation thing. but other than that good job !


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