Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jose's Scribe post for September 29 2009


5.) The election results for student council president were displayed in a bar graph. -->

a.) How many times taller does the bar for B appear than the bar for A ?

B appears to be 3 times the size of A.

b.) How many times as great are the votes for B than the votes for A ?

The votes for B are twice as much of the votes for A.

c.) What conclusion does the graph suggest about the election results?

The conclusion is that they distorted the graph so much that something only two times it's size, is now 3 times it's size.

d.) How could the graph be redrawn to make the data clearer?

Since they are all friendly numbers, you shouldn't of used the break and you should have an interval of 25.

- jOsH


elijah841 said...

Good job Josh ! It's really colourful and easy to understand . But try not to use the colour yellow next time.

josh8-41 said...


michelle841 said...

GOOD JOB JOSH.. and by the way dont use yellow cause that was really hard to read LIKE ELIJAH SAID,anyways could've used like green or something?

sierra841 said...

good job. i agree with elijah, try not to use yellow. personally, i think it's too colourful. but, i guess colour is good. also, you should like make the question more bolder, or in different font. it should be the first thing you see.

josh8-41 said...

thx ladies ;)

Kamille8-41 said...

Good job josh ! um i think they said everything that was a mistake like all of them said already other than that you did really good.

emmanuel841 said...

wow, that was a very great Scribe. Everything was very well done. GREAT JOB ;)

carla841 said...

great job josh, you post is very colorful. you should use a different color other than yellow.

JOSE841 said...

thanks classmates ^.^

kathleen841 said...

good job josh ! like what other people said , try not to use bright colours and I like how it is understandable to read . :)

princess841 said...

good job josh ! but yea next time don't use bright colors because sometimes its hard to read.


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