Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elona's Scribe Post Sept.30/09


The Bonzo Burger
44% vs The Big Cheese 56%
a) Which burger seems to be the favorite? Explain.
The Big Cheese because it's bigger.

b) How is this graph misleading?
They made the Big Cheese look bigger so it would fool people thinking its increased by a lot.

c) How should this graph be redrawn to represent the data more accurately?
Put it into a bar graph.


carla841 said...

good job elona, i understand it. next time you should put color in it.

Kamille841 said...

Hey elona, Good job! I was able to read it but might want to have some colours in there and make it bigger. When you get a chance add pictures. :)

kathleen841 said...

good job elona ! your scribepost was understandable but you might need more colours and pictures in your post . The information is great and all , very neat too .

sierra841 said...

Next time, you should add a picture or two, to make me understand it more clearly. Add some colours to make it stand out more also, otherwise good job.

john841 said...


vanessa 841 said...

good job Elona, though you should change the yellow font. Its hard to see it . You should also move the picture to a place where it wont mess the font up. you should also use more space and answer in complete in full sentences in order to get full marks. well yeah . good job.


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