Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shania's Scribe Post for September 30, 2009

Page 27
Question 16
An ice cream store developed the following graph to advertise its ice cream.

a) What ice cream do you believe developed this graph ?
I think Cool flavours probably created this graph because it appears that they sell two times as much as Dairy taste.
b) How is this graph misleading ?
I think this graph is misleading because there is no scale to compare the answers.


carla841 said...

good job shania, nice colors and answers.

angaldrine said...

good job shania Gosh,Darnit its awsome hahaha.
great job

charis841 said...

great job shania , you used your colors good and nice answers .

elijah841 said...

good job Shania, good job, your pictures and info, was easy to read, nice colours.

Riemer743 said...

very great job shania. its really good and i like the colours.

Kamille841 said...

Good job Shania ! Very good colour choices and i like the picture and how it's big and clear to understand. You might want to use more spaces so it looks more neater and understandable.

princess841 said...

Shania i like the colors that you chose, its really neat and understanble. next time maybe spread it your information.

kathleen841 said...

good job shania ! you choose the right colours for your scribepost ! and as what kamille said , you need more space so it is more understandable .

sierra841 said...

Make the question stand out a bit more, maybe by making it a different size? And for your answer to A, isn't it "Dairy Tasty" instead of "Dairy Taste?"
Also, good use in colours.

michelle841 said...

nice job shania, you couldve bolded words or even space out your work to make it better

vanessa 841 said...

good job Shania. I do agree with a lot of people though. You shouldve made the question satnd out more. You colours were okay, but you shouldve made the pink or purple darker. For your answers you shouldve showed your work because other people might not know how you got to that answer. Even though you didnt use much room its an okay scribe but next time you should use your space more wisely. Well anyways good job !


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