Wednesday, September 30, 2009

aldrine's Scribepost question 6 september 30

This is my scribe for question #6

6.From the pictograph, which fruit seems to sell the best? Explain
A)First look, the apples seem to have sold more because it pops out more.

Does it seem that more cherries were sold or more peaches? Explain
B) It seems more peaches were sold because they are whole and larger pictures

How should the pictograph be redrawn to represent the date more accurately?
C)The pictograph should be drawn with all the pictures the same size.


kathleen841 said...

good job aldrine :]
i liked how you answered every question but you shouldve put pictures to explain what the question was !

elijah841 said...

Hey aldrine ! uhm, nice scribe, but for my opinion, it's very plain, you should add colour and pictures if you to. But good job, for doing your job .

john841 said...

hey what happend no pictures man!!!! anyways GOOD JOB

Harvey841 said...

You should add a picture, and use more colors.

carla841 said...

good job aldrine, next time you should put a picture and a little bit more color.

Kamille841 said...

Good job Aldrine like all of thse people said ^^ add more pictures and maybe colour your questions or answers.

sierra841 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sierra841 said...

No pictures? No colour? It looks dead >;[ Make it come alive by adding colours and pictures and MAYBE even a video to it, to explain it better. At least you did one [: Also, instead of making a new one .. like you did, you could have just edited this one.


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