Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jim's scribepost for September 30

Yoo whats up , for today's homework we had to pick a selection of questions like questions, 6 or 7, 8 or 9 and you had to choose 4 questions for 10-19. For blogger i choose question 19.

A)Which category on the graph does the government want the public to notice the most?

Health because the section is bigger

Here is a picture of question 19, sorry it if is blurry^ it's the second one
and sorry its on the top.

B) Explain how this graph could mislead people.
The health sector is at the front of the diagram and appears much larger than the energy and education sectors

C) Draw a new graph to represent the data more accurately

NOTICE: Sorry i don't no how to put the picture here . So its up there ^ it's the first picture. Again sorry if it is blurry i will re-type it: at the bottom it says , others , transport,energy, housing, education, and health and the title was Provincial budget 2008-2009

Thank you and please comment on my mistakes( If I have any)

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