Wednesday, September 30, 2009

John scribe post september 30 2009

Question 15

The grade 8 students voted where to hold their year-end party. The results of the vote were presented in this graph.

a) Based on the graph below, how many times more popular was the beach than the pool.

Answer= The beach appears to be three and half times bigger as the pool!

b) Leah concluded that the majority of the students want to go to the beach. Is she correct? Explain.

Answer=No, the majority did not choose the beach. Only 50 out of 115 votes cast were for the beach!

Is this better and I cant make the picture bigger!
-John Pangan


Harvey841 said...

John, you need to answer the questions.

You also shouldn't use that many colors and the picture is too small.

Norbert841 said...

Jon were are the Answers?

Edit this

carla841 said...

good job john, you should answer the questions and make the picture bigger.

charis841 said...

good job john but you need to put the answers too and try not to make it too colorful .

charis841 said...

ooh and try to make your picture bigger so we can understand it .

john841 said...


Kamille841 said...

Hey john, good job the colouring part but next time you one colour for questions and another for the answers and speaking oh questions and answers where are they ? Might want to look back and see if you missed putting them.

princess841 said...

good job john ! but next time make the pictures bigger, but i like the colors . :)

Riemer841 said...

Hi John. You should make the picture more bigger and i like things colorful .!

kathleen841 said...

good job john ! but i think next time you should make the picture a little bigger . Nice choice of colours though .

sierra841 said...

Please do NOT use the colour yellow. It makes my eyes difficult to read what it says. it's funny how at the bottom you made the size of the "Is this better" bigger than anything else. In my opinion, i think you should have done that with the questions, because when I first see your post, I see that over sized font. Good job!

john841 said...

OKAY NO YELLOW AND HOW DO U MAKE IT BIGGER stupid computer is not letting me

vanessa 841 said...

good job John, but your picture is too small. To make it bigger you should go on paint and enlarge it, then save it then add it on. Your scribe was okay but you used to many different colours, so yeah, might wanna cut back on that. Other than that. good job !


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