Monday, May 3, 2010

Princess' 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final Reflection

Google Docs Presentation:

Poverty in the Philippines Version 1:

Poverty in the Philippines, Final Cut:

My group and I made many changes in the video. I think our biggest change were the voices, in the final cut, we had to re-record our whole script. We also added our interview, because in our version 1, we didn't get to interview anyone. We made a few changes in the pictures because we wanted to match the pictures with the script. Our credits were a bit too fast in the first version, so we made slowed them down and added some more details.

The other students' comments did help a bit, but not much. This is because a lady, already looked through our first version and told us what we can think of changing. So when we got all together to read the comments on our first version, we compared them to the comments that the lady gave us, and they were very similar.


Finding our expert was probably the hardest part of this whole movie, but luckily, one of our group members, April, managed to find someone from the Red Cross.

3 important things are that "the Philippines, is a country that experiances strong natural disasters", also that "no matter where we are the world, we should be able to see people who need our support", and finally, she told us a bit of a comparison between poverty in Canada and poverty in the Philippines. "in Canada there are strong agencies that would help people", and "poverty in the Philippines, are not just the low income levels, but also areas that suffer from conflicts".

I learned, that people in poverty, are not necessarily called victims, but survivors.

To me, I think the interview turned out the best, considering, we didn't even have an interview from the first version. I actually enjoyed working in groups, so I'm planning to take my 'working skills', so that i can use it in the future.


I think, the interview also frustrated me because, near the due date for version 1, we tried calling P.C.C.M. and they wouldn't pick up, so we didn't get any interview done. Also when the final cut was due, just a few days before the date, that's when we interviewed, Jennifer Monttebruno, so we kind of had to rush everything to get it done by the due date. I didn't really use any 'strategies' to be succesful, all i did was stayed calm and patient, because i didn't want to stress over how little time we had left.

I think the 2 Minutes project was important to grade 8 students because, it helps us understand how lucky we truly are to have the things we have right now. Also, it helps us see their point of view in life, and it makes us realize that there's more to life than wanting things. The whole point of this project was to make a difference, maybe we didn't make a BIG, difference but we helped by talking about it, and making other think about making a difference. We're still very young, and this project proves that you're never to young to make a difference.

In the future, I'd like to help out by getting my family to donate, at least once or twice a year, in the Philippines. Also, maybe not even just in the Philippines, I'll get my family to donate clothes, food and other things to other countries too, such as the countries in Africa. I notice, making a difference isn't just about poverty, it's also about our environment and our planet, if it's not being protected there's no point in everything else. So I will try to help out in that way too, like, saving light, energy and many more.

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