Monday, May 3, 2010

Alvin's 2 minutes to make a difference reflection

2. The changes we made between out Version 1 and our final cut we added our voices in because at the time we finished our rough we didnt have a microphone to record our voices. We added in our interview with a manitoba hydro expert we asked him questions over the phone and he answered. We changed some other things around so it would math with our video, and we added our page of credits. The comments the students made were helpful because they said to add voice which we did afterwards and they told us some other things we could improve on in our video.

3. We found our expert through Jeric because I think his dad found this manitoba hydro expert for us. 3 important points that he told us were : we found out that 15 incandescent light bulbs count last as long as only 1 fluorescent light bulb !, we learned that how to dispose of the fluorescent light bulbs properly and if we dont dispose of light bulbs properly it can affect our food chain by going into the water, then animals then we eat the animals that contain mercury, and he told us about how much we could save off our electricity bill if we just changed every bulb in out house into a fluorescent light bulb.

6. Our greatest success in the 2 minutes to make a difference project is that we got to raise awareness to other people that if you change every light bulb in your house, you can save lots of money and the environment by keeping less waste out of the land fills because, if theres more light bulbs in the wastelands that means we need more room for garbage and take up space on the earth instead of if you use fluorescents you could save up to 15x the lightbulbs you see in land fills.
Some skills that we could take in use in our futures would be how we can save money by purchasing more efficient light bulbs to replace the un efficient and save energy and our planet, another skill is that we could make people care about things that are happening around the world like how more light bulbs in the landfills takes up more room on our earth.

7. Some things that frustrated me was how were we going to make the movie and would it be good or will it be okay, in my opinion our movie turned out great. Some stratagies that made us come succesful were that we sat down and concentrated on our work and once it was finished like, as much as we could do at the time then we would allow ourselves to go play if we didnt we would always play and get nothing done.

8. The grade 8 2 minutes to make a difference project is important because, the grade 8 students can learn very important things like how we cant get things for granted and how lucky we are to be born and raised in canada and we get to go to school. We can learn how to save electricity effiecently like our project by switching all your light bulbs into fluorescent so you can save money. You can learn how to aware people of the things that are going on around the world that they dont know about, and you can make them take action so the people in need will get what they need so they can survive and live a good life.

9. I will make a difference in the future by, when I own my own house I could change all the light bulbs in the house into fluorescent bulbs so that I can save energy. While saving energy I can keep less light bulbs out of the waste land because while using fluorescent since they last longer so I would be throwing less light bulbs out so there would be less land fills. Thats how I would make a difference in the future.

Thank you for reading my reflection, I hoped you enjoyed !

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