Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jose's 2 Minutes to make a Diffrence reflection

1st Copy

Final Cut

Our Changes:

First of all, I would just like to say that our first video wasn't really what we expected it to be, because we thought that we didn't put enough effort in it at all. To me personally, I think everything was really bad about it except for the sound. The voices were horrible and I thought that it really wasn't a movie. So what we've done was gone to Warren's house, and we actually tried to make a better video. We changed everything such as the pictures, the format of our 1st video, and we also took out our voices because we didn't really know how to put voices into it because the first one just didn't work well. To be totally honest, I am a little disappointed in myself, because I feel that I didn't work to the best of my ability for this HUGE project and I am totally never going to make that mistake again!


Unfortunately, my group and weren't able to get hold of a expert on child labor in chocolate factories because none of them responded. We did our best to try and find one, we searched it up on Google, we sent many emails too as much experts as possible, but nothing. Our group also planned on asking our parents for their help, and let us know if they knew anyone who had enough experience about child labor.


The success that my group had was to just actually have an okay movie, ( better than first ) The success that I had, was I learned more about child labor in chocolate factories and how we could be able to make a difference. That is by trying to convince people too stop buying chocolate made from slaves, and to start buying fair trade chocolate. We hope that more people will start to follow our message so the children that are working their buts of will live a way better life

Frustrations and Strategies:

The thing that was hard about this project was putting the movie together so it would actually look presentable. The way we figured that out was by asking other people for help, which made us really happy because we understood how to now do it. Another thing that was frustrating was trying to find an expert because it's difficult to find a person that would actually help a 13 year old child in a project. It really bothered me for a while because I knew if we didn't have an expert, it would bring our mark down a bit but I guess It's just the way it is.

Why It Is Important:

The reason why this is important is because us grade 8 students.... no wait actually everyone in the world need to know how our chocolate is really being made, which is from poor children who have to suffer by making cocoa. Imagine if you were one of those kids.. you wouldn't even want to live your life. All of us need to know that no matter what your doing, be happy that your making someone smile and always think further than what you believe because you don't know what surprises are going to come in life. Please let's make a difference!

How I will make a Difference in the Future:

A way I will make a difference in the world is to try and tell as much people about this problem, and to not buy chocolate made from slaves. Another possible way so that I could make a difference is by help people who are starting fundraisers for kids that have to work a hard life.

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