Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aldrine's 2 Make A Difference Reflection

Google Docs

Version 1

Final Cut

The Changes:
My group and I made a few changes , What we did was we added a few voice from the interview that we had, We also added images, edited the songs and new titles. The challenge on editing the video was putting the timing right on each slide. We fixed some cutting voices on the interview that we did .The last thing we fixed is the grammar on the titles we found a little mistakes on some of the slides.

The comments that we got from the version 1 was very helpful to us. We made so much changes and made it better, On one of the comments that we got from our version 1 was we needed to talk about the Problem and after final cut we made it all better, We added voices and pictures and new things on the final version.

The expert we found was one of the workers in Manitoba Hydro. What we did to interview him was we asked him question about our topic it turned out very well because the questions we asked were our best ones and he answered it very fast and very detailed. The thing that we were having trouble was finding the date and time for the expert but it was a good thing that we scheduled it on time before the final cut was due.

The expert told us more then 3 points about our topic. He talked about how to recycle a light bulb properly because if you throw it on the field and the mercury spreads out it could be very dangerous to our environment because if someone plants any vegetables there it could be very dangerous to people and animals . The second thing he told us was that we could save up so much money using fluorescent light bulbs , because Incandescent doesn`t last very long not like Fluorescent Lights. The Last thing he told us was that if you use Incandescent light it is dangerous in our environment.

The success for our project was scheduling the expert we had hard time putting the date and time because they were really busy and we were lucky enough that we found one and that wasn`t busy and he was very nice. The other thing about scheduling was the handing flyers out, we were having trouble on how to print the paper because it was difficult so we ask the customer service to help us and you needed a card to swipe it on the machine to get the papers it was a lot different then the other printers. The last thing that we were accomplishing was handing out all those flyers to each house , people, and cars until we finished all the papers so we wouldn`t waste and just throw them away.

Frustration and Strategies
The Frustrated part about the movie was when we were doing the final cut we found so much mistakes on the titles, images and etc. The strategies we did was while we were at the Garden city mall was we took turns handing out flyers and take vidoes and photos so each of us are in one of the photos. The other thing was decided to put them on the windshields on the cars so we have other pictures no just handing the flyers out to people.

Why It Is Important
It is very important because in grade 8 we are trying to learn that making a difference is a good thing to change the world and making it better, specially at our age.It is very important to ours because we are trying to make a difference by telling people that Incandescent is dangerous in our environment and My Group and I made flyers telling people that switching to fluorescent light bulbs is a good thing to do because fluorescent lights saves you a lot of money and fluorescent lights last very long not like incandescent. When i was in Grade 7 i thought that 1 person wont make a difference by just recycling but i learned now in grade 8 that making a difference is important in your life later on, because if you think about it by just recycling you are making a difference.

The Future
I will make a difference in the future because when i get older ill make a commercial by telling people to use fluorescent lights because some people when we hand them the flyers some of them ripped them out and just threw them away and wasting paper. I will show and prove them that fluorescent light is really good for the environment , the other thing i will be making a difference is by telling people that dont throw an Incandescent Light bulb on the ground because it is very dangerous in our environment. This is i will do in the future to make a difference

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