Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 Minutes to Make a Difference

First Cut

Final Copy


Thank you for all the students who left those comments! Without you guys, we wouldn't be able to create our new video! The changes we made, were that we did not use voice, but we used text, since we didn't have a good mic to catch our voices and play them smoothly. So we took that all out! When we did our good copy, we changed our pictures, and pretty much the whole format! Why you ask? Our first copy, I think, was actually, pretty much garbage! We barely put any effort into it, not on purpose, but because we didn't have time to all come together and work on it. So we committed ourselves to do this good copy, and make it great. In my opinion, our new version, is 20 times better than our first copy! I honestly love it! If I ever do a project like this again, I'm not going to make the same mistake by slacking off, but I'm going to work very hard!


We were not very successful finding a expert, because we didn't put much time and effort into finding one. We emailed maybe only 10 people and expected to get one. If we searched maybe a bit more early, we could've been successful and got ourselves an interview. So if I'm trying to find an expert next time for a project like this, I am going to do that part straight away, so we don't have to worry about it in the mean time. Having an expert would have boosted our knowledge in this problem and probably even give us a higher mark in the movie project about child labour in chocolate industries! If I ever get the chance to get many easy marks by finding an expert, I will go find one straight away!


Our greatest success with this project, was actually finishing everything! I was very happy with the turn out of our movie from the ugly first version to the glorious final copy! Finishing the good copy was one of the hardest things to do in this movie, because we really wanted voice, but since we coulnd't find anything decent to record us, we had to do text. Although it was only text, it was very good! After months of hard work to finish the project, we were able to finish successfully with a great video. If it wasn't for my group members, we wouldn't have been able to come out with a greater movie! If I were to do this project again, I would not take only the skills I have learned through out this project, but I would also bring along my good partners Warren, Josh, and Kevin, because without us as a group, we wouldn't have made this!


The most frustrating thing, was learning how to use movie maker. As you saw, in the first cut, we were totally noob with making movies! It looked like the whole movie could've been made on something as simple as power point. After we tried and tried and took many hours, we were actually able to finish it. Putting in our voices was really frustrating too, so we just threw that away, and replaced it with text. A strategy you could say we used to become successful was patience. In the first copy of our video, we were unpatient and just threw a mash of pictures and ugly sound together to make a really ugly video. In the final copy, we pulled it together and changed almost everything!

I WILL make a Difference

I will make a difference by giving awareness to the people, and if others know the problem, there will be more people helping the cause. If more people help, it will be faster and more efficient to take away all these problems like child labour. Child labour is a huge issue in the world. Children are dying, and getting injured, just to make simple things like chocolate. Having more help will make the job easier! Also, I could help by having fundraisers to get money or clothes to send to the countries that have children working in chocolate companies, so we could take them away from the life of pain and suffering they are living to a better safer life. Something that is very big that I can do, maybe when I am older and have a wife, is actually adopt a child and take care of them and give them a better life. Although after I watched the movie orphan, I'll face my fear to save the life of a child. I hate knowing children are dying and being injured for something people that don't work at all just get for a very cheap price. When other children pay the price of their life to make these products! I want to help these children as much as I can. Once I have time and could work in the days, I want to start helping these children. They deserve a better life! We should take them out of poverty and help them, one child at a time!

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