Monday, May 3, 2010

Michelle's 2 Minutes To Make A Difference Final Reflection

1. Google Docs Presentation

Poverty in the Philippines, Version 1 :

Poverty in the Philippines, Final Cut :

2.We made a few changes between the first and final cut of our movie like, adding an interview, and trying to match the pictures with the words we said in the script. Also we re-recorded our voices, which sounded 'better' than the first time.

The students comments were a bit help to us, but also the woman who judged our first version helped too. They both said to slow down the credits and to redo the voices so its a lot clearer. The lady said to add more details, and also listed some interviews we could use.

3.We found our expert, from the few places the lady gave us. Also April contacted her, and found the number we could use to call. We called red cross, and they kept switching us to " Jennifer Monttebruno " who wouldn't answer her phone.

The three important points that we added to our movie from the expert was, where ever we are in the world, we are able to see the people who need our help. She also said that, in Canada we have strong agencies that would help us. In the Philippines they have low incomes, and areas that suffer from conflicts. Another thing she mentioned was, the Philippines goes through a lot of strong natural disasters.

I learned from our expert that we shouldn't call them victims since they are just survivors.

6. I thinks our greatest success in the project, was our interview. I thought it sounded professional, like we found a great person who really knew what she was talking about.

The skills I may take with me and use in the future, would probably be using the movie maker.

7. The most frustrating thing to make the movie, was actually putting the pieces together so it'd fit the interview. Also timing the interview, and pictures right. Even the interview itself, was hard to get, because I tried contacting by email but there inbox was full. The P.C.C.M. wouldn't answer their phone no matter how many times we called. We figured to just find a different interviewer last minute and add it to our final version.

The strategies I should have used to become successful would be time management. There wasn't really a strategy we used, but knowing we had this much time left we had to use our time wisely to get the job done.

8. I think this project is important the the Grade 8 students because it makes you think about other people in the world who are struggling. You may think that you have a bad life, but there is also someone out there who doesn't have a home, or is starving. We need to realize that we are lucky to have homes, and other things we don't really need. The video we made, help others to see their point of view, and want the need to help!

9. In the future I will make a difference by helping out in the world, instead of throwing things away. My family can donate to our relatives in the Philippines who need help, whether it is clothes, money, or food. Also we need to help not just the people in the world, but the planet itself. My family recycles so we could reuse things, and they also don't like whats been going on with the environment so I'll encourage them to also, save energy.

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