Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kamille's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final Reflection

2. I think the comments that all the students left for us were amazing because it made our final piece improve even just that one mistake makes a difference and we really appreciate the comments even though it may have been bad at least we know what to change for our final cut. We did take the people's advice and changed many things for example the biggest thing they wanted removed was the blinking words so we did removed that and we changed our punctuation and all our mistakes on spelling. Also we made our words show longer for the viewers to read and added all of the credits in.

3. We found our expert just by simply searching on Google. and typing in key words from our topic and emailed more than 5 people and an expert replied named Stephanie Cate from the Batonga Foundation and then we went from there and we interviewed her. The three important points from our expert that were added in the movie was ; Supporting a girl in Africa is very cheap and Giving girls in Africa education would be the first step to end poverty but i think the most important one we added was that the girls don't get education because of poverty. I think that our expert made all kinds of great answers to our questions and to me, i didn't really know much about the topic we picked but when she answered the questions she really made it clear and most of what she said was all about poverty.

6. Our greatest success in my point of view was the Interview part with our expert Stephanie Cate because it really help our video because of all her knowledge that made our video better and succeed. She gave us a lot useful information that we didn't know before and we used the important ones and placed them in and i think that just gave us a step up on our video because of our expert telling us all these great information we can use and learn and take to put in our video. I would like to skills to work well with others and use it in the future because that skill is probably most important to me because with it you can understand and work well and do well with the people you are working well and you can succeed with that because you aren't argue and complaining about the work you are doing because that's wasting the time while you could have been working and completing the assignment.

7. The things that frustrated us the most was making the movie and to make it more clear, editing the movie was one of the hardest things in the world because if it didn't make sense or it didn't fit with the music its no good or its not as good as it could of been and sometimes the computer/laptop didn't cooperate with us and a very frustrating if it happens. I don't think we had any specific strategies in making our movie a success but what i can say is that we used our time wisely and i think the comments the students gave us just made our video a success because we didn't really know how to make the video into what the people wanted so i thought that was great that people gave us those comments because it just made our video better than what we already had.

8. I think that 2 minutes to make a difference is very important and because we are just in grade 8 students i think its even more important because it shows that even if your just kids or teens you can make a difference and it doesn't have to be something big because just that one thing can make a huge difference itself. So i think that the project we did was just to show the students that we are lucky to have the things like education and clothing we get today.

9. In the future, I will be making a difference by not building houses but if i could, i would but since i can't, i will be starting off by making a difference in small ways and build my way from there because the small things matter too like for example giving away your old clothing you don't wear anymore to the people who need it is a good way and i think even though that's not as big as building houses it is very important thing and from there you can go even farther and expand your ideas and if you believe you can do it, you will achieve.

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