Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2 Minutes to Make a Difference



Please relect and talk about the changes you made between the first and final cut of your movie. Were the student comments helpful in making your final cut better?

I think the comments were very helpful to me, I knew there were some things that needed improvements in our video, but the comments were helpful because people pointed out things that I didn't notice. With most of the comments I agreed with what needed changing. To be honest, I think our video needed a lot of improvement from the start, those comments were helpful because there were some parts where it just looked wrong to me but I couldn't really tell what it was, till people pointed them out. When we made our final cut, I thought it was okay .. But it didn't turn out the way we would of liked it to. It was hard finding the time for all of us to get together and do the video all together, so that's probably why it didn't turn out the way we all wanted.

How did you find your expert? List 3 important points your expert added to your movie. What did you learn from your expert? How did you find your expert?
The person we interviewed wasn't exactly an expert, just someone who had lived and watched
others in poverty. We met him at a volleyball game. I started talking about our project, and then he ended up willing to do an interview for us.What was your greatest success in the 2 minutes project.

What skills will you take away with you and use in the future?
I think my greatest success when we were making the video was learing how to use the mac for editing and making our video . It would be nice to use what I have learned in the future if I ever decide to make a video.

What frustrated you during the movie making process? What strategies did you use to become successful?
I think the most frustrating part of this project was working with other people. It's not that I don't like them, but It's that when were all stressed about the movie we end up not wroking very well together. There were also times when we didn't agree, and we would have hard times making decisions. Thankfully we all pulled through with our video.

Why is the 2 Minutes project important to Grade 8 Students?
I think 2 minutes to make a difference is important to grade 8 students because were at the age where most of us dont think about the difficulties some people have to go through in other places. Because most of us aren't in their situation, we don't know how they feel and we dont understand why it's a problem. Yet I believe that you're never to young or old to learn about these kinda of things. And It's definetely never to late to help out or even make a difference.

How will you make a difference in the future?
I'm going to be honest, I don't think I would make a difference in the future. I'm being honest because I don't want to say I'll help out and just change my mind later. But maybe I will make a difference in the future, who knows ? I might learn more about global issues and then suddenly make a difference. But at this moment I dont think that will happen, only because I know myself
pretty well. It's hard to explain why I wouldn't make a difference. It's not that I don't want to, and it's not that I dont care, It's that I don't care enough to take the time to make a difference. I don't know how people are feeling when their suffering of something because no one's helping them. Since I don't know what that feels like, I don't believe I can make a differnce.. Just not right now, maybe far far far in the future.

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