Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Princess' Scribepost for February 17, 2010

Questions 7 & 9
The CD rack has a front view like that after a rotation of 90° clockwise on its side because..



(right side)



(right side)



(right side)

Hope this helps you guys, please leave a comment, especially if i did something wrong :)


elijah841 said...

Hey princess, Good job , you did number 7 with no problems . But in 9 you only showed the frontview , you have to show the top and side view too.

carla841 said...

Great job Princess, like elijah said you only showed the front veiw for question 9, you should show the other veiws too. Other than that, you did a great job.

JOSE841 said...

Princess good work. I liked the way you showed your work with paint in question 7. One thing you should try to do a better job is READING THE FULL QUESTION. just kidding, but yes you should read the whole question. you forgot to show the top and side view. Anyways good job, and my feed back to you is well done amigo.

angaldrine said...

Princess great job. I liked the way you showed your work on paint in question 9 the pictures are very big and clear but one thing on question 9 is its not more of a 3D picture but great job though.Question 7 you did a good job on it no problems great job :D

Harvey841 said...

Wow, I never knew 7. was a trick question, thanks for reading carefully for me. But for Q9, you forgot to show use the top and side views too.

Good scribepost.

(remember to put the word scribepost on the labels.)

princess841 said...

oh, thank you guys, i didnt read the questions carefully. there you go, i fixed it :)


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