Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Devin's Scribepost For Febuary.3/2010

Hello everyone here are my questions for today.

page 150,151

4.How many hundred grids needed to show each of the following percents?

a.101%-You need 2 grids because each grid represents 100 and since you cant add more squares to your grid you have to make another one for the 1%.

b.589%-You need 6 grids,five for the 500% and 1 grid for the 89%.

c.1450%-You need 15 grids,14 for the 14oo% and 1 grid for the 50%.

11.Express the percent as a fraction and a percent?

a.Kyle scored 95.5% on a practice test.

To turn the percent in a decimal you have to divide the number by 100 like this-
95.5 divided by 100=0.955

Heres the fraction

95.5 191
over =over
1000 200

to get that answer you have to divide the 1000 by 5 and you will get 200 and you do the same for the top.

12.Write your answer to the nearest tenth.

115 of 230
115 divide by 100=1.15

1.15of 230



carla841 said...

Great job Devin, you should add a little color in it next time. Also you should add pictures so it'll be easier to understand. But you explained everything well, good job !

elijah841 said...

Hey Devin,

Good job. First thing you should use colours next time you make a scribe post. Also for question 11 - the turning the percent into a fraction and a decimal. You did the fraction like this :
"95.5 191
over =over
1000 200"
I dont know, i just didnt get that. But yea, for the rest it's good .


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