Monday, February 1, 2010

Carla's Scribepost for February 1, 2010


Today in class we learned how to find the total cost of something (including tax.) I'm going to show how to find it in 2 different ways.

Question 2. Suppose GST is 5% and PST is 7%. You purchase an item for $100.

1st Way
- First you add the taxes (5+7=12.) Then find 100% (100.) Then add them all up, so the total cost will be $112.

2nd Way
- You could find 112% of the number. ($112)

Question 3. Suppose an item regularly priced at $200 is on sale for 10% off.
PST is 7% and GST is 5%.

(Click on the picture, If you can't see.)

I hope I did it right..
Thank You for reading my post. If you have any thoughts, COMMENT! (:


vanessa 8-41 said...

Good job Carla ! Your scribe was nicely done. The thing that confused me at first was question 3 because i didnt know whether the slide was for that question or not. Also the slide where you explained question 3 was kind of blurry ( might be the computer ). Other than that , i thought your scribe post was nicely done.

Angaldrine 8-41 said...

Good job Carla! your scribe was nicely done just like what vanessa said. The sentences are kinda blurry on the picture but other than that the work was nicely done good job!.

carla841 said...

Thanks guys. If you can't see the picture click on it, it's much bigger.

Abigail8-73 said...

Good Job Carla! (: That's an awesome picture you've made!! (:and I also like how you keep the explaing stuff simple and not complicated, (: You did an AWESOME JOB!

carla841 said...

thanks abby (:

elijah841 said...

Hey Carla,

For the "2nd Way - You could find 112% of the number. ($112)"
You should explain how you can get the answer. Because to turn a 100% into a 112 % right away would be kinda hard. So you shoulda said that you turned the 112% into a percent by 112 by dividing it by 100.Then you get 1.12 .. And lets pretend that the number were figuring out is 50. So then you multiply the 50 and the 1.12 together . But yea good job!

sry if my comment is alittle confusing . *

carla841 said...

ohh okay, thanks elijah (:


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