Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aldrine's ScribePost for Feb 17 2010


Hi guys today we had to do our foldables on section 5.1

All of this on the key idea section including the question 1 &2

Question 1: My answer was, She is write because all you need to draw is top, front and side. You dont need to find the other side of top, front and side because you know that their the same size.

Question 2: My answer on question 2 was for me its right because by looking at it you have a good view and there wont be a problem by drawing it like that. if you want to see the other side of the book just imagine that your looking at it right now because there the same size if you turn it the other way.



Harvey841 said...

You shouldn't stretch the pictures, most of the time they'll look horrible if you do that. When you're looking at the book using, right-click anywhere and click marque zoom or something like that. Zoom in as desired and printscreen. And, I think you should have reworded your answer for 1. into something like: " She is RIGHT(spelled it wrong) because you can only see the top, front and bottom faces at once."

Otherwise, good scribepost.

Jemineth873 said...

good job, but yea like what was said earlier the pictures quality looked killed, but talking about the answers to the questions good job, and it was good giving explanation to your thinking.


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