Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jose's scribepost for February 17, 2010

Yesterday in math, our class moved onto a new unit called SURFACE AREA. We started off by creating our new foldable which turned out to be a RECTANGULAR PRISM.

All rectangular prisms have :
- 6 faces

- 8 edges



face- A face is a flat surface of a 3D figure. EXAMPLE:
vertex - A vertex is a point where two or more straight lines meet. EXAMPLE:

edge: Is the line where two surfaces meet. EXAMPLE :
Net : It is a 3 dimension shape, that is flattened. FOR EXAMPLE WHEN YOUR MAKING A CUBE, ONCE YOU FIRST GET THE LAYOUT.

RECTANGULAR PRISM : A rectangular prism is a solid 3D object that has 6 faces that are rectangles. IT CAN LOOK LIKE MANY DIFFERENT WAYS.

After we found out those definitions, we had to draw 3 different other kinds of rectangular prisms and make a chart to write down the similarities and differences of them:
Similarities : Each of those RPS have 6 faces, 6 sides, 8 edges, and 8 vertices. Differences : Each look different from each other but are the same. The dimensions are different, and the face sizes are different

Once we finished that, we had to finish page 48 in our homework book. The very last thing we had to do was go home and find 3 rectangular prisms from our house and draw the SIDE, FRONT, and TOP view of them. These are the objects I chose :


Angaldrine 8-41 said...

heeey josh. you did a great job on your post you really put some effort on it and i like the coloring and this time you didnt put any light colors and we can read your words very clear. The pictures you did on paint are very understandable and clear.For me your deffinition are great but there kinda squished together. other than that great job !!!!

Harvey841 said...

I like your introduction, because of the way its relevant to the subject. But I think I see an error,because I count 12 edges on a cube. That's the only thing I see that's a problem, very good scribepost.

Oh, and you forgot to add "scribepost" on the labels.

Jemineth873 said...

good job josh , it was well done . the pictures and explanations work out together, but yes you did make an error on the edges counted . but anways, good job.


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