Friday, February 19, 2010

Carla's Scribepost for February 19, 2010

5. Draw a net on grid paper for a rectangular prism with the following measurements: length is six units, width is four units, and height is two units.

a) It would look like this:

b) This object is a triangular prism.

a) Here's what it looks like. (click to make it bigger.)

b) They both make a triangular prism.

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Jemineth873 said...

good job on all three questions ,
for the first question the rectangular prism drawn, looks really good. for the second question your idea of making a real trangular prism model was a good idea . also for the third question, too .

kathleen841 said...

good job carla! Your drawing looks clear and neat. I found no mistakes on all the questions. Making those triangular prism structure was a good idea. It explained it better. good job. (:

giuseppe841 said...

Good job Carla!! I like how you made real prisms, and used paint to explain your work. I see you also used some pictures from the textbook. Your post was really clear. Good job again.

vanessa841 said...

Good job Carla ! Your blog was very understandable. It was very clear to read and it was very well organized. I like the way you actually took the time to make an actual triangular prism. I also like the way you actual took pictures of the triangular prisms to show how you do things. I didn't find anything wrong with your scribe post so good job once again.


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