Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sierra's Scribepost for January 5, 2010.

13) Determine the length of the base of the large triangle. Express your answer to the nearest tenth of a millimetre.

b² = c² - a²
b² = 10² - 8²
b² = (10x10) - (8x8)
b² = 100 - 64
b² = 36
√b = √36
b = 6
To get the base number you multiply 6 x 2 since only half of the triangle's base is 6. 6 x 2 = 12mm.
The base is 12 mm.


JOSE841 said...

wow that was a good job. i think it would be better if u at lest put some sentences in there but it looks nice. i liked how u did it the other way instead of like a² + b² = c².

Harvey841 said...

Hey, isn't 6 X 6 = 36? or do you mean 6+6=12?

JOSE841 said...

oh yeah man, harveys right you got me for a couple of seconds on that one. 6 X 6 IS 36

sierra841 said...

Haha! Thanks for commenting. I'll fix that :)

elijah841 said...

hey sierra ,
your scribe is great ! but you know how you got the answer 12 mm , you should put a sentence of why you added the six to another six . dont worry i got why you put it like that. good job !

jamieq817 said...

Good job Sierra! Nice formula and picture, but you could have added just a little bit more effort to make it better. Other than that, it was very splendid! Keep up the good work my friend.

sierra841 said...

Elijah: Okay, thanks for the help Elijah.
Jamie: Thanks. And, what do you mean by effort to make it better? I did what the question asked :)


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