Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jose's scribepost for January 12, 2010


Today in class, we started off by correcting the homework from yesterday. After that, Mr.Harbeck told us that we had to make a new foldable on understanding percent. First we labeled each fold and for the first one we had to define what a percent is, and a fractional percent.

PERCENT - Percent is an equivalent fraction out of 100, and its another way of saying hundredth.

FRACTIONAL PERCENT - A percent that includes some sort of percent. Some examples are 1/2 % , 5 6/8 % , 7 3/8 % and so on.

After we finished that, Mr.Harbeck assi
gned us to finish SHOW YOU KNOW on page 125 in the text book :


One completed shaded grid represents 100%. what percent does each diagram represent?

This picture represents 248%. Since there are 2 filled up grids which means that its 200%, the other grid has 48 shaded in so its 248%.

This picture is 0.25%. If one little square on the grid is not even filled up fully, then it must mean that its below one. Thats why it is 0.25%

This picture represents 74.8%. Since there are 73 little grid pieces all filled in, and 8/10 of another grid piece it would be 74.8%

Those were the things we did in class. Comment and tell me if i messed something up. josh

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vanessa 8-41 said...

good job Josh .. I like your use of colour. Your pictures were alright but i know you could do some much more better. Judging by the pictures, just pictures, it seems like you didn't really care about this post and maybe next time you should put more effort towards the post. Your explanations were alright but other than that good job.


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