Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kathleen's Scribepost for January 26,2010

4.3 Percent of a Number

Key Ideas:

  • You can use mental math strategies such as halving, doubling and dividing by ten to find the percents of some numbers.
  • To calculate the percent of a number, write the percent as a decimal and then multiply by the number.

How to FIND :
  • 10% - divide by 10.
  • 25% - divide by 4.
  • 5% - divide by 20.
  • 1% - divide by 100.
  • 150% - divide by 2 then add the numbers.
  • 0.5% - divide by 100 then divide by 2.
Communicate the Ideas.

1. Explain to a classmate how you could use menta
l math to find each of the following:

2. Describe two ways to find the 6% of 120.


We have been using Ustream to record our percent work.


carla841 said...

Great job !
I liked how you used pictures for the questions it's easy to understand and I also liked how you used examples. Another thing is that I liked how you bolded some words to make it stand out.

Camille873 said...

good job kathleen ! i liked how you put pictures and explained how to find percents ! good job.

vanessa 8-41 said...

Good job Kathleen ! your pictures of showing how you did things was really helpful and so was the *bolding part of the scribe post. What could've really helped others is the part of the foldable we were to do this in, in case they weren't at school for this. Another thing that could've helped others is explaining what exactly you divide in order to get a certain percent. Other than that good job !

Abigail8-73 said...

Good job Kathleen! (: I like your pictures and I also like how you keep things organize. GREAT JOB! (:


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