Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jose's scribepost for January 5th, 2010


What is the minimum distance the player
at third base has to throw the ball to get
the runner out at first base? Express
answer to the nearest tenth of a meter.

Since 3rd base has to get the ball to 1st b
ase, I figured out the triangle that it makes and it looks like :

After, I figured out the steps to finding the answer :

a² + b²

27² + 27² =
( 27 x 27 ) + (27 x 27 ) = c²
729 + 729 = c²
√1458 = c²
38.2 = c²

Then I put it in the missing space : The distance thrown was 38.2 M.


Raquel873 said...

g'job. I like your pictures.

JOSE841 said...

Oh thanks Raquel. hhahaha thats so cool of you for commenting on different classes. I should do that. thx!

Harvey841 said...

I liek your pictures. I also like that you bolded some important parts of the question, but maybe you should also bold important parts of the equation?

JOSE841 said...

bold parts of the equation? what do u mean yo.

Harvey841 said...

Like, bold/dif color the numbers or something cause they're more important than the letters I guess?

JOSE841 said...

OH, i see what u mean. thanks i11 chang3 th@t n0w

april817 said...

Good job on your scribepost "jose" ;) haha. Since you've been commenting on all of our scribeposts, I decided to check yours out. Nice job by the way. Your answers seem to be correct and nice pictures!

elijah841 said...

Hey josh,
your scribe was nicely done, and i've spent the 5 minutes trying to see if there is anything wrong with it.and unfortunately i did but dont worry it's just alittle one."38.2 = c²" it should be "38.2c" so yea, good job . (:

elijah841 said...

^ " 38.2 = c " *

JOSE841 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JOSE841 said...

Ohhhh! THANKS ELIJAH so i put the power there for no reason right. thank u for spending at least 10 minutes on my scribe. I WILL FIX THA NOW

jamieq817 said...

Josh, great scribe. It was very neat, but for the last picture, I am not sure if it is just me, but the answer "38.2 M" is hard to read because it is in yellow. But thats from my point of view. Good job and keep up the good work my friend.


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