Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kamille's Scribepost For January 14th, 2009

Today in class all we did was correct the questions from yesterday's class but when it was almost time to go we had homework .. and here it is.

How got the answers was:

Fractions to Decimals - Numerator / Denominator
Decimals to Percents - Multiply the decimal by 100
Percents to Fractions - Divided 100 and then find the decimal place and then reduce if possible

Don't forget to comment below and at the Sargent Park math zone too :)
-- Kamille was here


elijah841 said...

Hey Kamille, you did a great job. but for the fractions part, i think you worked a little more harder.. like, for the first one, you coudl've just said 320/100 .. But yours still right . i think ?xD and for, 1/200, you could've just said 0.5/100.


Camille873 said...

hi kamille nicejob i liked how you put a picture and used different colors. good job.

vanessa 8-41 said...

Good Job Kamille ! hahha .. like Elijah said you could've put 0.5 over 100 to simplify it. Elijah may be right, you should challenge yourself and work a little harder next time. What do you mean by " reduce if possible " ? . Other than that good job !


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