Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Riemer's scribepost for January 5, 10

Question # 12 pg. 105

The hypotenuse of the triangle cuts the    circle in half. What is the diameter of
the circle? Express your answer to the 
nearest tenth of a centimetre.


riemer m. <3


vanessa 8-41 said...

Good job Riemer . uhmm , well right now i can't really say anything because nothings really wrong with it. What i suggest you do is make some important words stand out somehow. you can probably make them a different colour or even make them bold. Well other than that good job !

sierra841 said...

Good job Riemer. I liked how you more effort into taking pictures and posting them up, instead of just doing it all on paint. I agree with Vanessa, you could have edited your post more by bolding important points, or maybe by making the question or answer a size bigger. But, good job Riemer your post is very organized and neat :)


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