Wednesday, January 13, 2010

elijah's scribe post for January 13. 2010

Question 3 :

Shindi commented to a friend that “some percents would be easier to show if we shaded the parts that were not included in the percent.” Explain whatshe means. Which percents are easier to show using Shindi’s method? Why?

I think wat shindi means is that if you have 86 % .. you can just shade in 14 squares and the non shaded side is representing the 86 %.

Question 7:
Represent the percent in each statement on a grid.

a) Attendance at the fall fair increased by 3.2% this year.

b) The average mass of a Singapura cat is about 0.13% of the mass of a Siberian tiger.

c) The length of the Yukon River is about 230% of the length of the Fraser River.

Question 10:

Why might a scientist studying water pollution work with percents less than one ?

The scientist might have found out that the pollution is less than 1 % .

Question 15:

Show how hundred grid(s) could be used to represent a very small percent, such as 0.000 0125%.

10 squares in a 100 grid is 10 % ,
10 squares in a 1000 grid is 1 % ,
10 squares in a 10 000 grid is 0.1 %,
10 squares in 100 000 is 0.01 % ..

This is a 1000 grid, and the coloured part is 1% but if it was a 100 grid the percent would be 10 . But to get 0.000125 you would need a ten million grid square .

Please comment and correct me if I'm wrong.

For February 5 2010
Me,Sierra, Riemer, and Josh's math video

Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percents :


giuseppe841 said...

Good job Elijah! Thats a really good post. Everything is explained well, I can tell.....even though I dont understand it. But no worries, Im just saying that your smart. Good job again.

elijah841 said...

haha, thnk you giuseppe . but i really had alot of trouble on some questions soo, i didnt really know how to explain it as good.

jeric8-41 said...

WOW ELIJAH ... that is an awesome post. I love how you explained how you got the answers and gave a pretty good conclusion sentence to it :D Once again pretty awesome scribe.

vanessa 8-41 said...

Great job Elijah ! Everything that should've been explained were explained thoroughly. I like you use of colour but i think that you could've explained why you shade in a certain amount of squares or part of the squares. Other than that GREAT JOB !


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