Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jose's surface area growing post


To find TSA:
What I do to find the tsa of a rectangular prism is first, I find the dimensions of the TOP, FRONT, and SIDE. After that, I calculate the dimensions from those 3 views of the rectangle.( l x w ). To find the surface area of a rectangle you have to :

TSA = t + b + f + b + s + s

TSA = # x 2 + # x 2 + # x 2
___ = TSA.



To find the TSA of a triangular prism it would be easier if you drew a net. After that, find the 3 triangle sided areas first by using the formula bxh / 2. After you get that answer, you find the area of the 2 rectangles which is L x w. After you get all the areas, you add them up and thats how you would get the TSA.

( IT WONT LEMME UPLOAD MY PICS FRoM PAINT ima fix it up wen i can )


To find the tsa of a cylinder first you would have to make a net. ( looks like a penis hahaha ) after that, you find whatever you dont have yet. For example, if it tells you the diameter, you would have to find the radius which is D / 2, then you would find the Circumfrence. ( pie x radius x radius ) Once you finish the circles, you would go on to the rectangle which is L x W. Then you find the area. This is kind of difficult for me because the uploader wont upload my paint pictures so im having trouble explaining this with just words.

No pics for triangle, and cylinder, will be coming tmrw. My group did not finish the videos yet.

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