Monday, April 12, 2010

Jim's Fraction Growing Post

Part 1: Fraction x Fraction 2/3 x 5/6 = 10/18 or 5/9

How I got the answer: Numerator x Numerator and Denominator x Denominator and if you can simplify then simplify.

Part 2: Mixed Fraction x Fraction 1 1/5 x 2/5 = 12/25

How i got the answer: You have to change the mixed fraction into a improper fraction, so 1 1/5 as a mixed fraction is 6/5 and how i got 6/5 is 5 is the denominator and 5+x 1+1= 6. After you change it to an improper fraction, you have to multiply the improper fraction and the normal fraction together. And what I got was 12/25

Part 3: Mixed Fraction x Mixed Fraction 5 1/3 x 3 1/3= 17 7/9

How i got the answer: You have to change both mixed fractions into improper fractions. So 5 1/3 as a improper fraction is 16/3 and 3 1/3 as a improper fraction is 10/3. So now you have to times them together, and you get 160/9 and you can change that into a mixed fraction, which is 17 7/9

I Still Need To Do The Other Fraction Growing Post, like record the quiz and other things

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